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Paradox Community...what is that ?????

PARADOX COMMUNITY combines a wide variety of styles from the fields of metal, progressive and rock. The trio not only knows how to mix the individual songs in a large cross-section of genres, but also to ensure a differentiated and exciting/varied song experience. From calm, melodic pieces to pumping metal grooves to a bit of thrashmetal, everything is possible with the Paradox. Most of the vocals deserve this name and, in terms of hardness, lie somewhere between Phil Anselmo and Bruce Dickinson. In terms of style, the whole thing is progressive. The band tries not to play too conducive to the song, but to integrate so many ideas so that it is really stupid fun. Here progressive is not to be understood in the sense of filigree, sophisticated technique, but more in terms of song structure. The band doesn't sound like "student music", but very real and of a natural hardness that could well have come from the metal of the 90s like some of the guitar riffs.


The band has been in the current line-up since March 2007. Mirko and Tommy have been playing together for about 25 years. Rehearsals have been taking place in Senden near Münster in Mirko's basement for around 10 years. Since then they have been working on implementing their own sophisticated, stylistically flexible compositions in the best possible way. Due to the trio line-up, which is unusual for this style, the band clearly stands out from the crowd of typical metal bands without offending normal rock / metal fans too much. The three-person line-up is particularly advantageous live, because instead of the typical metal mud sound, the PCs have organized and ass-kicking teamwork that kills! (Not from us!)


Very important:


YES, WE CAN PLAY THIS LIVE TOO! Invite us and you will see what you get...!!!


The Paradoxes ... Tommy, Henk and Mirko

Thomas Plum
  • Band history: Sovereign, Big Brother, Riot Act, Metal Inc, Law Riptor

  • He attended the Underverse uhmm... Drummer Institute and learned that rock drummers can't play a decent shuffle

  • Earlier style was more hard rock ... now it changed to things that you have to write down

  • Takes tender care for female fans
  • Likes Stryper, fast cars and highly motivated employees

  • Harder at work than on drums and even better if that would be possible

  • Quote: "Are you stupid or stupid"?

Drum Leitwolf

Henk Humberg
  • Band history: Grimblade, Progtopus, Summon, Metal Inc

  • He studied chemistry and developed his own scales for no reason

  • Metal, Prog and things where you really don't know what's going on

  • Likes children and has some himself

  • Is rubbed between guitar rushing and great drum ideas

  • Now has an allotment and will soon be self-sufficient

  • Quote: "Have we really said saturday???"

Bass player and guitar teacher

Mirko Mucha
  • Band history: Perish Twice, Hemlock, Law Riptor, Ride The Bullet

  • Never shut up unless it gets really dangerous

  • Writes songs way too long

  • Never has enough guitars

  • Started to sing just to have an excuse for playing the guitar not better

  • Likes Pantera and even faster cars

  • Used to break stones but never a guitar

  • Quote: "Happy All Souls' Day Ladies" and "Unsinkable 2 ... what happened to the first one?"

Guitar, vocals, chatter

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