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Omega - Metal without limits-

New Album “OMEGA” will be released on MAY 21st – 2021 -


“What happens if you combine the best qualities of Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera  and Iron Maiden at the beginning 90s???”


Paradox-Community is a German metal band active for about 25 years now. OMEGA is the first official released album and it contains 10 songs featuring individual styles, far away from any genre rules or style limits. The band name says it…every kind of metal is possible!


Fat riffs, melodic singing, aggressive shouting and a modern and progressive twist. The result is an album that gives you straight metal that sounds not like progressive “students music” and is not too progressive for “normal” Metalheads.

The songs are mostly based on Mirko´s unique guitar riffs combined with Tommy’s individual drum parts without sounding just technical but with strong groove and power. It is just metal that never gets boring because of core ideas that can carry a song...ok, maybe there are too many ideas…;)


The album was produced by Michael Bormann (RMB Records / Duisburg) who is one of Germanys best hard rock singers (Jaded Heart…) and producer for more than 30 years now. He melted together the parts that were recorded in the bands own studio helping to generate a sound close to their "chunky but crystalline" live sound.



Product: Paradox Community – Omega

Release date: May 21st, 2021

Label: self-released

PR (Europe):

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